h52gif - Man Page

Converts an HDF5 file to a GIF file.


h52gif h5_file gif_file -i h5_image [ -p h5_palette ]


h52gif accepts as input the HDF5 file h5_file and the names of images and associated palettes within that file as input and produces the GIF file gif_file, containing those images, as output.

h52gif expects at least one h5_image. You may repeat

-i h5_image [-p h5_palette]

up to 50 times, for a maximum of 50 images.


-i h5_image

Image option, specifying the name of an HDF5 image or dataset containing an image to be converted

-p h5_palette

Palette option, specifying the name of an HDF5 dataset containing a palette to be used in an image conversion

See Also

h5dump(1), h5ls(1), h5diff(1), h5repart(1), h5import(1), gif2h5(1), h5perf(1)

Referenced By

gif2h5(1), h5diff(1), h5dump(1), h5import(1), h5jam(1), h5ls(1), h5repack(1), h5repart(1), h5unjam(1).