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gfrm - Man Page

manual page for gfrm 0.3.0


gfrm [OPTION]... URL


Remove (unlink) the files (or directories) from a remote Gluster volume.

-f,  --force

ignore nonexistent files, never prompt

-o,  --xlator-option=OPTION

specify a translator option for the connection. Multiple options are supported and take the form xlator.key=value.

-p,  --port=PORT

specify the port on which to connect

-r,  --recursive

remove directories and their contents recursively


display this help and exit


output version information and exit


gfrm glfs://localhost/groot/path/to/file

Remove the file /path/to/file on the Gluster volume of groot on host localhost.

gfrm -r glfs://localhost/groot/path/to/directory

Recursively remove the directory /path/to/directory on the Gluster volume of groot on host localhost.

gfcli (localhost/groot)> rm /file

In the context of a shell with a connection established, remove the file on the root of the Gluster volume groot on localhost.


Written by Craig Cabrey.

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January 2024 glusterfs-coreutils 0.3.0