genwqe_peek - Man Page

IBM Hardware Accelerator Tool.


genwqe_peek [-h] [-v,--verbose]


-C,--card <cardno> can be (0...3)

-A, --accelerator-type=GENWQE|CAPI CAPI is only available for System p

-V,  --version

print version.

-q,  --quiet

quiece output.

-w,  --width <32|64>

access width, 64: default

-X,  --cpu <id>

only run on this CPU.

-i,  --interval <intv>

interval in usec, 0: default.

-c,  --count <num>

number of peeks do be done, 1: default.

-e,  --must-be <value>

compare and exit if not equal.

-n, --must-not-be <value> compare and exit if equal.

-a,  --and-mask <value>

mask read value before compare.

-p,  --psl-bar <bar>

access PSL bar (CAPI only)



genwqe_peek 0x0000 [00000000] 000000021032a178

for CAPI card (-A CAPI)

Reg 0x0000 CAPI Card Version Reg 1 (RO) Reg 0x0008 CAPI Card Version Reg 2 (RO) Reg 0x0080 CAPI Card Free Run Timer in 4 nsec (RO) Reg 0x0180 Queue Work Time in 4 nsec (RO) Reg 0x1000 ... 0x1028  6 Fir Registers (RW)

Only CAPI (debugging):

genwqe_peek -ACAPI -C0 --psl-bar=2 --width=64 0x150


January 2024 genwqe_peek 4.0.20