genwqe_memcopy - Man Page

IBM Hardware Accelerator Tool.




-h,  --help

print usage information

-v,  --verbose

verbose mode

-C,  --card <cardno>

use this card for operation

-A, --accelerator-type=GENWQE|CAPI CAPI is only available for System p

-V, --version

-q,  --quiet

quiece output

-c,  --count <number>

do multiple memcopies

-l,  --preload <number>

preload multiple ddcb's. (default 1, only for CAPI Card)

-X,  --cpu <cpu>

only run on this CPU

-D,  --debug

create debug data on failure

-G,  --use-sglist

use the scatter gather list

-n,  --nonblocking

use nonblcoking behavior

-p, --patternfile <filename>]

-s,  --bufsize <bufsize>

default is 4KiB

-i,  --pgoffs_i <offs>

byte offset for input buffer

-o,  --pgoffs_o <offs>

byte offset for output buffer

-F, --force-compare <output_data.bin>

-t,  --threads <num>

run <num> threads, default is 1

-Y, --inject-error <err> IN:0x1, OUT:0x2, SIZE:0x4, DDCB:0x8

This utility sends memcopy DDCBs to the application chip unit. It can be used to check the cards health and/or to produce stress on the card to verify its correct function.


dd if=/dev/urandom bs=4096 count=1024 of=input_data.bin ./genwqe_memcopy -C0 -F -D --patternfile input_data.bin output_data.bin echo $? diff input_data.bin output_data.bin echo $?


January 2024 genwqe_memcopy 4.0.20