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genwqe_echo - Man Page

IBM Hardware Accelerator Tool.


genwqe_echo [OPTIONS]


-h, --help

-v, --verbose

-C,  --card=CARDNO|RED

Note: RED is for Card Redundant mode

-A, --accelerator-type=GENWQE|CAPI CAPI is only available for System p

-q,  --quiet

quiece output

-V, --version

-H, --hardware-version

-c, --count=COUNT

-X,  --cpu=CPU

only run on this CPU number

-D,  --debug

create extended debug data on failure

-e,  --exit-on-err

exit program when seeing an error

-f, --flood

-l,  --preload=1..N

N <= 64

-i, --interval=INTERVAL_USEC

-s, --string=TESTSTRING

-p,  --polling

use DDCB polling mode.

This utility sends echo DDCBs either to the service layer or other chip units. It can be used to check the cards health and/or to produce stress on the card to verify its correct function.


January 2024 genwqe_echo 4.0.20