genwqe_cksum man page

genwqe_cksum ā€” IBM Hardware Accelerator Tool.


genwqe_cksum [-h] [-v, --verbose] [-C, --card <cardno>|RED]


[-V, --version] [-X, --cpu <only run on this CPU number>] [-D, --debug <create extended debug data on failure>] [-G, --use-sglist use the scatter gather list support] [-c, --check-result] check result against the software [-s, --bufsize <bufsize/default is 4KiB>] [-a, --adler32] use adler32 instead of crc32 [-i, --pgoffs_i <offs>] byte offset for input buffer [FILE]...

This utility sends memcopy/checksum DDCBs to the application chip unit. The CRC32 is compatible to zlib. The UNIX program cksum is using a different variation of the algorithm.


August 2017 genwqe_cksum 3.0.23 User Commands