gearadmin man page

gearadmin — Gearmand Documentation, http://gearman.info/

Run Administrative commands against a server.


Provice help about the program.
Create a function from the server.
-h [ --host ] arg (=localhost)i
Connect to the host
-p [ --port ] arg (=4730)
Port number or service to use for connection
Drop a function from the server.
Fetch the version number for the server.
Fetch the verbose setting for the server.
Status for the server.
Workers for the server.
Shutdown server.


Command line tool for manipulating gearmand servers.


To find out more information please check: http://gearman.info/

See Also

gearmand(8) libgearman(3)


Data Differential http://www.datadifferential.com/

Referenced By


Explore man page connections for gearadmin(1).

Gearmand 1.1.12 February 11, 2014