gcin - Man Page

an input method server


gcin [-h|-v|--version]


gcin is an input method(IM) server, which focused mainly on Traditional Chinese. It is also very useful for Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and many other languages. IM table format of gcin is almost as same as those of scim and xcin. Users may append their IMs to gcin very easily. The "g" of gcin means that it features a better GTK+ user interface.

If you are looking for configuration tool of gcin, please see the manpage of gcin-tools.


-h, ā€‰-v, ā€‰--version

Show version of gcin.



Input methods available for gcin. You may copy it to $HOME/.gcin/ and edit it as you like. If you have no $HOME/.gcin/gtab.list, /usr/share/gcin/table/gtab.list will be used.


A file helps gcin finding html browsers when needed. You may add any compatible html browser to it.


A file helps gcin finding text editors when needed. You may add any UTF-8 compatible text editor to it.

Environment Variables


For bash: export LC_CTYPE=zh_TW.UTF-8
For csh: setenv LC_CTYPE zh_TW.UTF-8


For bash: export XMODIFIERS=@im=gcin
For csh: setenv XMODIFIERS @im=gcin


For bash: export GTK_IM_MODULE=gcin
For csh: setenv GTK_IM_MODULE gcin


For bash: export QT_IM_MODULE=gcin
For csh: setenv QT_IM_MODULE gcin


Display messages for socket connections.


Display additional debug messages.


Option for debugging.


Disable auto-evoke in gcin protocol.


Assign output filter to process data before the IM server send them to clients.


Assign directory for IM tables other then /usr/share/gcin/table.

See Also

gcin-tools(1), gcin2tab(1), phoa2d(1), juyin-learn(1), gcin-message(1)


Edward Der-Hua Liu

Wrote gcin and associated tools.

Friend of Chanjei IM, Malaysia <www.chinesecj.com>

Author of original Chanjei IM version 5 table.

Dayi Co., Ltd. <http://www.dayi.com>

Author of Dayi IM.

Referenced By

gcin2tab(1), gcin-exit(1), gcin-gb-toggle(1), gcin-kbm-toggle(1), gcin-message(1), gcin-tools(1), gtab-merge(1), juyin-learn(1), phoa2d(1), sim2trad(1), tsa2d32(1), ts-contribute(1), ts-edit(1), tslearn(1).

2 FEB 2008 GCIN 1.4.4 gcin input method platform