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eegview - Man Page

GUI program to display and record EEG data


eegview[--device=devstring] [--ui-file=file] [--version] [--help|-h] [GTK+ Options]


eegview is a minimal scope to display and record various signal coming from a EEG acquisition device and others.



Specify the acquisition device and its configuration according to the format described in eegdev-open-options(5). Beware to double quote devstring if you use '|' character in it. Otherwise the shell might misinterpret it as a pipe symbol.


Overrides the GUI description file the program should use to display the panel. This override has the priority over the UI file specified by the configuration file.


comma separated list (csv) of channels to disable from the start.


Display the version of the program as well as the version of the libraries it uses.


Display the command-line help

eegview supports also the standards GTK+ options (gtk-options(7)).


In the following, xdg-config-home refers to the XDG compliant user config folder. So it corresponds to the XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variable if set, ~/.config/ otherwise.


Default settings of the panel. An example of file can be found in the documentation folder.


This is an usual eegview command to read a bdf file:
eegview --device="device=datafile;path=test.bdf"

See Also

eegdev-open-options(5), gtk-options(7)


2011 EPFL EEGVIEW manpage