copr-distgit-client - Man Page


copr-distgit-client [-h] [--configdir CONFIGDIR] [--loglevel LOGLEVEL] [--forked-from CLONE_URL] {sources,srpm} ...


A simple, configurable python utility that is able to download sources from various dist-git instances, and generate source RPMs. The utility is able to automatically map the "origin" .git/config clone URL (or --forked-from URL, if specified) to a corresponding dist-git instance configured in /etc/copr-distgit-client directory.


--configdir CONFIGDIR

Where to load configuration files from

--loglevel LOGLEVEL

Python logging level, e.g. debug, info, error

--forked-from CLONE_URL

Specify that this git clone directory is a dist-git repository fork. If used, the default clone url detection from the .git/config file is disabled and CLONE_URL is used instead. This specified CLONE_URL is used to detect the appropriate lookaside cache pattern to download the sources.


copr-distgit-client sources

Download sources from the lookaside cache

copr-distgit-client srpm

Generate a source RPM

COMMAND 'copr-distgit-client sources'

usage: copr-distgit-client sources [-h]

Using the 'url' .git/config, detect where the right DistGit lookaside cache exists, and download the corresponding source files.

COMMAND 'copr-distgit-client srpm'

usage: copr-distgit-client srpm [-h] [--outputdir OUTPUTDIR]
                               [--mock-chroot MOCK_CHROOT] [--dry-run]

Generate a source RPM from the downloaded source files by 'sources' command, please run 'sources' first.

OPTIONS 'copr-distgit-client srpm'

--outputdir OUTPUTDIR

Where to store the resulting source RPM

--mock-chroot MOCK_CHROOT

Generate the SRPM in mock buildroot instead of on host. The argument is passed down to mock as the 'mock -r|--root' argument.


Don't produce the SRPM, just print the command which would be otherwise called


Copr Team


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2023-01-25 Copr Generated Python Manual