cfcomp man page

cfcomp — compare irreducible constituents of a module


cfcomp [Options] <Module> <Irred> [<Irred> ...]


After Module has been chopped, you can use this program to determine if a given irreducible module, Irred, is a constituent of Module.  If yes, the program finds out which of the constituents of Module is isomorphic to Irred.

The program needs at least two arguments.  The first argument is the name of the chopped module.  The remaining arguments are treated as names of irreducible modules.  Each of these irreducible modules is checked against the irreducible constituents of Module.



Quiet, no messages.


Verbose, more messages.

-T <MaxTime>

Set CPU time limit

Input Files


constituent information generated by chop(1)

See Also


Referenced By

chop(1), precond(1).

2.4.24 MeatAxe