alsa-info.sh man page

alsa-info.sh — command-line utility to gather information about the ALSA subsystem


alsa-info.sh [options]


alsa-info.sh is a command-line utility gathering information about the ALSA subsystem. It is used mostly for debugging purposes.


Upload contents to the server (www.alsa-project.org or pastebin.ca).
Do not upload contents to the remote server.
Print information to standard output.
--output FILE
Specify file for output in no-upload mode.
Run utility as normal, but will not delete file (usually /tmp/alsa-info.txt).
Includes output from aplay -l.
Includes output from amixer.
Includes output from alsactl.
Includes output from ~/.asoundrc and /etc/asound.conf if they exist.
Check server for updates.
Print information about authors.


alsa-info.sh --no-upload
Will gather all information and show the output file.

See Also

aplay(1) amixer(1) alsactl(1)


alsa-info.sh was created by the ALSA team, see --about .


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