SvtAv1DecApp - Man Page

manual page for SvtAv1DecApp 0.8.6


Options : -help                     Show usage options and exit -i <arg>                  Input file name -o <arg>                  Output file name -skip <arg>               Skip the first n input frames -limit <arg>              Stop decoding after n frames -bit-depth <arg>          Input bitdepth. [8, 10] -w <arg>                  Input picture width -h <arg>                  Input picture height -colour-space <arg>       Input picture colour space. [400, 420, 422, 444] -threads <arg>            Number of threads to be launched -parallel-frames <arg>    Number of frames to be processed in parallel -md5                      MD5 support flag -fps-frm                  Show fps after each frame decoded -fps-summary              Show fps summary -skip-film-grain          Disable Film Grain -16bit-pipeline           Enable 16b pipeline. [1 - enable, 0 - disable]


February 2021 SvtAv1DecApp 0.8.6