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3Depict - Man Page

3D scalar point cloud visualization and analysis


3depict <file1><file2>...


This manual page documents briefly the 3Depict command

3depict is a program that allows for visualisation and analysis of point datasets with associated spectral data. Specifically, the program was written to handle the data associated with atom probe tomography, but is applicable to other areas, such as astronomy, laser scanning and any point-based data source.

Note that the program is a best-effort system. It is by no means guaranteed that the algorithms in this program are free from errors in implementation, or follow conventions for any specific user-application.


This program has no command line options, other than a sequence of data or XML files to open, the XML files being containing a previous program state (this may be generated from within the program's graphical interface). Currently the program can read "POS" (position) formatted files, which are simply uncompressed sequences of 4-byte floats (IEEE 597) in (x,y,z,value) form. All other work is done through the graphical interface.

As a further note, the XML file format has not been stabilised for the 0.0.x series; and may change between revisions.


3Depict was written by D. Haley & A. Ceguerra in 2011


3Depict Project Home : http://threedepict.sourceforge.net

This manual page was written by D Haley <mycae@yahoo.com>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).


July 24, 2011