Package zziplib-devel

Development files for the zziplib library

The zziplib library is intentionally lightweight, it offers the ability to
easily extract data from files archived in a single zip file. Applications
can bundle files into a single zip archive and access them. The implementation
is based only on the (free) subset of compression with the zlib algorithm
which is actually used by the zip/unzip tools.

This package contains files required to build applications that will use the
zziplib library.

Version: 0.13.69

Library Functions

zzip_disk_buffer alias for zzip_disk_mmap
zzip_disk_close alias for zzip_disk_mmap
zzip_disk_entry_fopen alias for zzip_disk_fopen
zzip_disk_entry_strdup_comment alias for zzip_disk_entry_to_data
zzip_disk_entry_strdup_name alias for zzip_disk_entry_to_data
zzip_disk_entry_to_data helper functions for (mmapped) zip access api
zzip_disk_entry_to_file_header alias for zzip_disk_entry_to_data
zzip_disk_fclose alias for zzip_disk_fopen
zzip_disk_feof alias for zzip_disk_fopen
zzip_disk_findfile search for files in the (mmapped) zip central directory
zzip_disk_findfirst alias for zzip_disk_findfile
zzip_disk_findmatch alias for zzip_disk_findfile
zzip_disk_findnext alias for zzip_disk_findfile
zzip_disk_fopen openening a file part wrapped within a (mmapped) zip archive
zzip_disk_fread alias for zzip_disk_fopen
zzip_disk_init alias for zzip_disk_mmap
zzip_disk_mmap turn a filehandle into a mmapped zip disk archive handle
zzip_disk_munmap alias for zzip_disk_mmap
zzip_disk_new alias for zzip_disk_mmap
zzip_disk_open alias for zzip_disk_mmap
zzip_entry_data_offset helper functions for (fseeko) zip access api
zzip_entry_fclose alias for zzip_entry_fopen
zzip_entry_feof alias for zzip_entry_fopen
zzip_entry_ffile alias for zzip_entry_fopen
zzip_entry_findfile search for files in the (fseeko) zip central directory
zzip_entry_findfirst alias for zzip_entry_findfile
zzip_entry_findmatch alias for zzip_entry_findfile
zzip_entry_findnext alias for zzip_entry_findfile
zzip_entry_fopen open a file within a zip disk for reading
zzip_entry_fread alias for zzip_entry_fopen
zzip_entry_fread_file_header alias for zzip_entry_data_offset
zzip_entry_free alias for zzip_entry_findfile
zzip_entry_strdup_name alias for zzip_entry_data_offset