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Package zsh

Powerful interactive shell


The zsh shell is a command interpreter usable as an interactive login
shell and as a shell script command processor. Zsh resembles the ksh
shell (the Korn shell), but includes many enhancements. Zsh supports
command line editing, built-in spelling correction, programmable
command completion, shell functions (with autoloading), a history
mechanism, and more.

Version: 5.9

See also: zsh-lovers.

General Commands

zsh the Z shell
zshall the Z shell meta-man page
zshbuiltins zsh built-in commands
zshcalsys zsh calendar system
zshcompctl zsh programmable completion
zshcompsys zsh completion system
zshcompwid zsh completion widgets
zshcontrib user contributions to zsh
zshexpn zsh expansion and substitution
zshmisc everything and then some
zshmodules zsh loadable modules
zshoptions zsh options
zshparam zsh parameters
zshroadmap informal introduction to the zsh manual The Zsh Manual, like the shell itself, is large and often complicated. This section of the manual provides some pointers…
zshtcpsys zsh tcp system
zshzftpsys zftp function front-end
zshzle zsh command line editor