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Package zork

Public Domain original DUNGEON game (Zork I)


Public Domain source code to the original DUNGEON game (Zork I). Released to
the PD by Infocom. Includes source files, headers, and information.

This version of Dungeon was modified from FORTRAN to C. The original was
written in DEC FORTRAN, translated from MDL. It was then translated to f77 for
UN*X systems, from which it was translated to C. The C translation was done
with the help of f2c, the FORTRAN to C translator written by David Gay (AT&T
Bell Labs), Stu Feldman (Bellcore), Mark Maimone (Carnegie-Mellon University),
and Norm Schryer (AT&T Bell Labs).

Version: 1.0.3


dungeon Adventures in the Dungeons of Doom
zork alias for dungeon