Package zmk

Collection of reusable Makefiles

Collection of make-files implementing a system similar to auto-tools, but
without the generated files that make understanding system behavior harder.

Highlights include:

 - Describe programs, test programs, static libraries, shared libraries,
   development headers, manual pages and more
 - Use familiar targets like "all", "check", "install" and "clean"
 - Works out of the box on popular distributions of Linux and MacOS
 - Friendly to distribution packaging expecting auto-tools
 - Compile with gcc, clang, tcc or the open-watcom compilers
 - Cross compile with gcc and open-watcom
 - Efficient and incremental, including the install target

Version: 0.5.1

File Formats library for writing featureful Makefiles
zmk.AllClean template for files that can built and cleaned
zmk.Configure module providing build time configuration system
zmk.Coverity Module for interacting with Coverity static analysis tool
zmk.Directories module providing names and rules for common directories
zmk.Library.A template for compiling C/C++/ObjC static libraries
zmk.Library.DyLib template for compiling C/C++/ObjC shared Mach-O libraries
zmk.Library.So template for compiling C/C++/ObjC shared ELF libraries
zmk.OS module providing operating system information
zmk.Program template for compiling C/C++/ObjC programs
zmk.Script template for describing interpreted scripts
zmk.Silent module for supporting silent rules
zmk.Symlink template for creating symbolic links
zmk.Toolchain module providing information and configuration about compiler toolchain