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Package zipios-devel

Header files for zipios


The header files are only needed for development of programs using zipios.

Note: This is nearly a complete rewrite of the 1.x series by a new upstream.
The previous version is depreciated but still supported as zipios++.


See also: zipios.

Library Functions

zipios The zipios namespace includes the Zipios library definitions.
zipios_CollectionCollection A collection of collections.
zipios_DirectoryCollection A collection generated from reading a directory.
zipios_DirectoryEntry A file entry that does not use compression.
zipios_FileCollection Base class for various file collections.
zipios_FileEntry A FileEntry represents an entry in a FileCollection.
zipios_FilePath Handle a file path and name and its statistics.
zipios_VirtualSeeker A virtual class used to see in a file embedded in another.
zipios_ZipFile The ZipFile class represents a collection of files.