Package zanata-util

Helper scripts for using Zanata

zanata-util is a collection of helper scripts that make using Zanata easier.

It includes:
* zanata_pom_xml_make: Produce a pom.xml for using Zanata maven client.
    It either inserts setting for zanata plug-in and zanata plug-in repository,
    or create a new pom.xml if pom.xml does not yet exists.

* zanata_zanata_xml_make: Produce a zanata.xml for using Zanata clients.
    It downloads the corresponding zanata.xml and map the local locales to
    the ones that Zanata server supported.

* zanata_language_list
    List the all support languages from language list of a Zanata server.
General Commands
Command Description
zanata_language_list List supported languages of a Zanata server
zanata_pom_xml_make Make a pom.xml for using Zanata
zanata_zanata_xml_make Make a zanata.xml for using Zanata