Package yum-utils

Utilities based around the yum package manager

yum-utils is a collection of utilities and examples for the yum package
manager. It includes utilities by different authors that make yum easier and
more powerful to use. These tools include: debuginfo-install,
find-repos-of-install, needs-restarting, package-cleanup, repoclosure,
repodiff, repo-graph, repomanage, repoquery, repo-rss, reposync,
repotrack, show-installed, show-changed-rco, verifytree, yumdownloader,
yum-builddep, yum-complete-transaction, yum-config-manager, yum-debug-dump,
yum-debug-restore and yum-groups-manager.

General Commands
Command Description
repo-rss generates an RSS feed from one or more Yum repositories
show-changed-rco show changes in an RPM package
show-installed show installed RPM packages and descriptions
verifytree verify that a local yum repository is consistent
yum-groups-manager create and edit yum's group metadata
System Administration
Command Description
yum-complete-transaction attempt to complete failed or aborted Yum transactions
yumdb query and alter the Yum database