Package ydotool

Generic command-line automation tool (no X!)

Performs some of the functions of xdotool(1) without requiring X11 -
however, it generally requires root permission (to open /dev/uinput)

NOTE: changes in this release:
NOTE: --delay option is now --next-delay
NOTE: mousemove is now relative unless --absolute is given
NOTE: mouseup, mousedown, mousemove_relative is removed
NOTE: click accepts left, right, middle instead of 1, 2, 3
NOTE: sleep is a new command

SEE: ydotool <cmd> --help for latest info

Currently implemented command(s):

- type - Type a string
- key - Press keys
- mousemove - Move mouse pointer to absolute position
- click - Click on mouse buttons
- recorder - Record/replay input events
- sleep - sleep ms

N.B. it is strongly recommended to start the ydotoold daemon with:

- systemctl enable ydotool
- systemctl start ydotool

Version: 1.0.1

General Commands

ydotool command-line /dev/uinput automation tool

System Administration

ydotoold daemon for ydotool(1)