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Package yaz

Z39.50/SRW/SRU toolkit


YAZ is a programmers toolkit supporting the development of Z39.50/SRW/SRU
clients and servers. Z39.50-2003 (version 3) as well as SRW/SRU version 1.1
are supported in both the client and server roles. The SOLR webservice is
supported in the client role through the ZOOM API.

The current version of YAZ includes support for the industry standard ZOOM
API for Z39.50. This API vastly simplifies the process of writing new clients
using YAZ, and it reduces your dependency on any single toolkit. YAZ can be
used by itself to build Z39.50 applications in C.For programmers preferring
another language, YAZ has three language bindings to commonly used application
development languages.

This package contains both a test-server and clients (normal & ssl).

Version: 5.34.1

General Commands

yaz-client Z39.50/SRU client for implementors
yaz-iconv YAZ Character set conversion utility
yaz-icu YAZ ICU utility
yaz-illclient ILL client
yaz-json-parse YAZ JSON parser
yaz-marcdump MARC record dump utility
yaz-record-conv YAZ Record Conversion Utility
yaz-url YAZ URL fetch utility
zoomsh ZOOM shell


yaz-log Log handling in all yaz-based programs

System Administration

yaz-ztest Z39.50/SRU Test Server