Package yapet

Yet Another Password Encryption Tool

YAPET is a text based password manager using the Blowfish encryption algorithm.
Because of its small footprint and very few library dependencies, it is suited
for installing on desktop and server systems alike.

General Commands (Section 1)
Convert a CSV file src to an YAPET file dst. The default character for delimiting the fields is ´,´ (comma) unless specified otherwise on the command line by...
yapet provides a text user interface for storing passwords and associated information (referred to as password records) in files encrypted on disk. A password...
Convert a YAPET file to a CSV file. The source file specified by src will not be modified. The resulting CSV file dst has the format as shown in Table 1, “CSV...
File Formats (Section 5)
The color scheme of YAPET can be customized by setting the colors option in $HOME/.yapet (see the section called “Examples” for examples).
yapet(1) reads the configuration file $HOME/.yapet if it exists unless a different file is specified by using the -r option (see yapet(1)). Options given on the...