Package yambar

Modular status panel for X11 and Wayland

yambar is a lightweight and configurable status panel (bar, for short)
for X11 and Wayland, that goes to great lengths to be both CPU and
battery efficient - polling is only done when absolutely necessary.

Version: 1.10.0

General Commands

yambar modular status panel for X11 and Wayland

File Formats

yambar configuration file
yambar-decorations configuration file
yambar-modules configuration file
yambar-modules-alsa Monitors an alsa soundcard for volume and mute/unmute changes
yambar-modules-backlight This module reads monitor backlight status
yambar-modules-battery This module reads battery status
yambar-modules-clock This module provides the current date and time
yambar-modules-cpu This module provides the CPU usage
yambar-modules-disk-io This module keeps track of the amount of bytes being read/written from/to disk. It can distinguish between all partitions currently present in the machine.
yambar-modules-dwl This module provides information about dwl tags, and information.
yambar-modules-foreign-toplevel This module provides information about toplevel windows in Wayland
yambar-modules-i3 This module monitors i3 and sway workspaces
yambar-modules-label This module renders the provided content particle
yambar-modules-mem This module provides the memory usage
yambar-modules-mpd This module provides MPD status such as currently playing artist/album/song
yambar-modules-network This module monitors network connection state
yambar-modules-pipewire Monitors pipewire for volume, mute/unmute, device change
yambar-modules-pulse Monitors a PulseAudio source and/or sink
yambar-modules-removables This module detects removable drives
yambar-modules-river This module provides information about the river tags
yambar-modules-script This module executes a user-provided script (or binary!)
yambar-modules-sway-xkb This module monitor input devices' active XKB layout
yambar-modules-xkb This module monitors the currently active XKB keyboard layout
yambar-particles configuration file
yambar-tags configuration file