Package xtables-addons

Extensions targets and matches for iptables

Xtables-addons provides extra modules for iptables not present in the kernel,
and is the successor of patch-o-matic. Extensions includes new targets like
TEE, TARPIT, CHAOS, or modules like geoip, ipset, and account.

This package provides the userspace libraries for iptables to use extensions
in the xtables-addons-kmod package. You must also install the
xtables-addons-kmod package.

General Commands
Command Description
xt_geoip_build convert GeoIP.csv to packed format for xt_geoip
xt_geoip_dl download GeoIP database files
System Administration
Command Description
iptaccount administrative utility to access xt_ACCOUNT statistics
xtables-addons additional extensions for iptables, ip6tables, etc.