Package xscreensaver-gl-extras

An enhanced set of screensavers that require OpenGL

A modular screen saver and locker for the X Window System.
This package contains a variety of OpenGL-based (3D) screen
savers for your mind-numbing, ambition-eroding, time-wasting,
hypnotized viewing pleasure.

Version: 6.08


antinspect ant model inspection screenhack
antmaze ant maze walker
antspotlight ant spotlight screenhack
atlantis draw swimming sharks, whales, and dolphins.
atunnel hypnotic GL tunnel journey
beats create offset beating figures
blinkbox shows a ball inside a box.
blocktube draws a swirling, falling tunnel of reflective slabs
boing draws a bouncing ball like the ancient Amiga demo
bouncingcow a happy cow on a trampoline in 3D. Moo.
boxed draws a box full of 3D bouncing balls that explode.
bubble3d 3d rising bubbles.
cage Escher's impossible cage, for xscreensaver.
carousel displays multiple images rotating in a circular formation
chompytower a tree with teeth.
circuit animates a number of 3D electronic components.
cityflow waves of boxes.
companioncube a vital aparatus.
covid19 the most 2020 of all screen savers.
crackberg Lose your way wandering some height fields, and enjoy candy.
crumbler voronoi divisions of a sphere.
cube21 animates the Cube 21 puzzle
cubenetic cubist 3D undulating blob.
cubestack An endless stack of unfolding, translucent cubes.
cubestorm a series of 3D boxes that fill space
cubetwist A series of nested cubes rotate and slide recursively.
cubicgrid rotating 3D lattice seen from inside
cubocteversion Displays a cuboctahedron eversion.
dangerball a 3D ball that periodically extrudes spikes. Ouch!
deepstars screen saver.
discoball A dusty, dented disco ball screen saver.
dymaxionmap An animation of Buckminster Fuller's unwrapped icosahedral globe.
endgame endgame chess screensaver
energystream a flow of particles which form an energy stream
engine draws a 3D four-stroke engine.
esper Enhance 224 to 176. Go right. Enhance 57 19. Track 45 left.
etruscanvenus Draws a 3d immersion of a Klein bottle that smoothly deforms between the Etruscan Venus surface, the Roman surface, the Boy surface surface, and the Ida…
extrusion various rotating extruded shapes.
flipflop draws a grid of 3D squares that change positions
flipscreen3d rotates an image of the screen through 3 dimensions.
fliptext draws pages of text whose lines transparently flip around
flurry a colorful particle system
flyingtoasters 3d space-age jet-powered flying toasters (and toast)
gears draw interlocking gears, for xscreensaver.
geodesic animates a mesh geodesic sphere.
geodesicgears gears on the surface of a sphere.
gflux rippling surface graphics hack
gibson Hacking the Gibson screen saver.
glblur 3D radial blur texture fields
glcells growing cells graphics hack
gleidescope a tiled OpenGL kaleidescope
glhanoi OpenGL Towers of Hanoi
glknots generates some twisting 3d knot patterns
glmatrix simulates the title sequence effect of the movie
glplanet rotating 3d texture-mapped planet.
glschool a 3D schooling simulation
glslideshow slideshow of images using smooth zooming and fades
glsnake OpenGL enhanced Rubik's Snake cyclewaster.
gltext draws text spinning around in 3D
gravitywell spaaaaace.
handsy some hands.
headroom a twitchy head.
hexstrut a grid of hexagons composed of rotating Y-shaped struts.
hextrail screen saver.
hilbert 3D Hilbert fractal.
hydrostat Wiggly squid or jellyfish with many tentacles.
hypertorus Draws a hypertorus that rotates in 4d
hypnowheel draws overlapping, translucent spiral patterns
jigglypuff save your screen by tormenting your eyes.
jigsaw permute an image like a jigsaw puzzle
juggler3d juggling man screen saver.
kaleidocycle draws twistable rings of tetrahedra
klein Draws a 4d Klein bottle.
lament animates the Lament Configuration
lavalite 3D OpenGL simulation of a Lavalite.
lockward Rotating spinning color-cycling things
mapscroller a slowly-scrolling map of a random place on Earth.
maze3d A 3D maze.
menger 3D menger gasket fractal.
mirrorblob Draws a wobbly blob that distorts the image behind it.
moebius Escher's Moebuis Strip II, with ants.
moebiusgears draw a moebius strip of interlocking gears.
molecule draws 3D molecular structures
morph3d 3d morphing objects.
nakagin Nakagin Capsule Tower screen saver.
noof draw rotatey patterns
papercube how to fold a glueless paper cube.
peepers floating eyeballs.
photopile displays multiple images in a periodically shuffled pile
pinion draws a scrolling sequence of interconnected gears
pipes fill the screen with a plumbing system.
polyhedra draws the 80 uniform polyhedra and their duals
polytopes Draws one of the six regular 4d polytopes rotating in 4d.
projectiveplane Draws a 4d embedding of the real projective plane.
providence eye in glory screenhack
pulsar intersecting planes, alpha blending, fog, and textures.
quasicrystal aperiodic plane tilings.
queens n queens screensaver
raverhoop Simulates an LED hula hoop in a dark room.
razzledazzle screen saver.
romanboy Draws a 3d immersion of the real projective plane that smoothly deforms between the Roman surface and the Boy surface.
rubik screen saver that solves Rubik's Cube.
rubikblocks animates the Rubik's Mirror Blocks puzzle
sballs draws balls spinning like crazy in GL
sierpinski3d 3D Sierpinski triangle fractal.
skulloop recursive descent into a Platonic unit skull.
skytentacles 3D tentacles from the sky!
sonar display a sonar scope
sphereeversion Displays a sphere eversion.
spheremonics 3d spherical harmonic shapes.
splitflap a simulation of a split-flap electromechanical display.
splodesic k A geodesic sphere experiences a series of eruptions.
sproingies Q-Bert meets Marble Madness!
squirtorus how rainbows are made.
stairs Escher's infinite staircase.
starwars draws a perspective text crawl, like at the beginning of the movie
stonerview 3D undulating ribbons of squares.
superquadrics morphing 3d shapes.
surfaces Draws some interesting 3d parametric surfaces.
tangram watch the computer solve tangram puzzles.
timetunnel Plasma tunnels fade in and out
topblock a 3D world of falling blocks that build up and up.
tronbit Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes.
unicrud Bounces a random Unicode character on the screen.
unknownpleasures a waterfall graph of the signal from pulsar PSR B1919+21.
vigilance screen saver.
voronoi draws a randomly-colored Voronoi tessellation
winduprobot screen saver.