Package xrootd-server

Xrootd server daemons

This package contains the xrootd servers without the SELinux support.
Unless you are installing on a system without SELinux also install the
xrootd-selinux package.

Version: 5.6.7

System Administration

cmsd Cluster Management Services daemon
frm_admin administer file residency parameters
frm_purged File Residency Manager purge daemon
frm_xfragent File Residency Manager Transfer agent
frm_xfrd File Residency Manager transfer daemon
mpxstats Multiplexing Monitor Statistics daemon
xrdpfc_print print content of XRootd ProxyFileCache meta data
xrdpwdadmin administer pwd security protocol passwords
xrdsssadmin administer simple shared secret keytables
xrootd eXtended ROOT daemon