Package xrdp

Open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server

xrdp provides a fully functional RDP server compatible with a wide range
of RDP clients, including FreeRDP and Microsoft RDP client.

Version: 0.9.25

General Commands

xrdp-dis xrdp disconnect utility

File Formats

sesman.ini Configuration file for xrdp-sesman(8)
xrdp.ini Configuration file for xrdp(8)

System Administration

xrdp a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server
xrdp-chansrv xrdp channel server
xrdp-genkeymap key map generator for XRDP
xrdp-keygen xrdp RSA key generation utility
xrdp-sesadmin console XRDP sessions administration tool
xrdp-sesman xrdp(8) session manager
xrdp-sesrun xrdp-sesman(8) session launcher