Package xpa-devel

Headers for developing programs that will use xpa

These are the header files and libraries needed to develop a xpa

Version: 2.1.20

See also: xpa.

Library Functions

xpaaccess XPAAccess: return XPA access points matching template (XPA 2.1 and above)
xpaatexit XPAAtExit: install exit handler
xpacleanup XPACleanup: release reserved XPA memory
xpaclient XPAClient: The XPA Client-side Programming Interface
xpaclose XPAClose: close a persistent XPA client handle
xpacmdadd XPACmdAdd: add a command to an XPA command public access point
xpacmddel XPACmdDel: remove a command from an XPA command public access point
xpacmdnew XPACmdNew: create a new XPA public access point for commands
xpafree XPAFree: remove an XPA public access point
xpaget XPAGet: retrieve data from one or more XPA servers
xpagetfd XPAGetFd: retrieve data from one or more XPA servers and write to files
xpainfo XPAInfo: send short message to one or more XPA servers
xpainfonew XPAInfoNew: define an XPA info public access point
xpamacros XPA Server Callback Macros
xpamainloop XPAMainLoop: optional main loop for XPA
xpanew XPANew: create a new XPA access point
xpanslookup XPANSLookup: lookup registered XPA access points
xpaopen XPAOpen: allocate a persistent client handle
xpapoll XPAPoll: execute existing XPA requests
xparace XPA Race Conditions
xpaserver XPAServer: The XPA Server-side Programming Interface
xpaset XPASet: send data to one or more XPA servers
xpasetfd XPASetFd: send data from stdin to one or more XPA servers

Tcl/Tk Keywords

xpa XPA: Public Access to Data and Algorithms
xpaacl XPAAcl: Access Control for XPA Messaging
xpacode XPACode: Where to Find Example/Test Code
xpacommon XPACommon: Getting Common Information About Access Points
xpaconvert XPAConvert: Converting the XPA API to 2.0
xpaenv XPAEnv: Environment Variables for XPA Messaging
xpainet XPAInet: XPA Communication Between Hosts
xpaintro XPAIntro: Introduction to the XPA Messaging System
xpamethod XPAMethod: XPA Communication Methods
xpaname XPAName: What does XPA stand for?
xpaoom Xpaoom: What happens when XPA runs out of memory?
xpatcl XPATcl: the XPA Interface to the Tcl/Tk Environment
xpatemplate XPATemplate: Access Point Names and Templates
xpausers XPAUsers: Distinguishing Users
xpaxt XPAXt: the XPA Interface to Xt (X Windows)