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Package xosd-devel

Development files for the XOSD on-screen display library


Header files and documentation for developing applications that use the XOSD
on-screen display.

Version: 2.2.14

See also: xosd.

General Commands

xosd-config script to get information about the installed version of libxosd

Library Functions

xosd X on-screen display library
xosd_create Create a new XOSD object
xosd_destroy Destroy an XOSD object
xosd_display Display data to an XOSD window
xosd_get_number_lines Retrieve the number of lines the xosd object was initialized to display
xosd_hide hide the XOSD window
xosd_is_onscreen Returns wether the XOSD window is shown
xosd_set_align Change the alignment of the XOSD window
xosd_set_bar_length Change the length of the percentage bar or slider
xosd_set_horizontal_offset Change the indent of the XOSD window
xosd_set_pos Change the position of the XOSD window
xosd_set_shadow_offset Change the shadow-offset of the XOSD window
xosd_set_vertical_offset Change the offset of the XOSD window
xosd_show make the XOSD window visible
xosd_uninit Destroy a XOSD window