Package xnvme-tools

Command-line tools for storage I/O and NVMe-native development

Version: 0.7.4

General Commands

kvs No short description
kvs-delete Execute a KV Delete Command
kvs-enum Enumerate Logical Block Namespaces on the system
kvs-exist Execute a KV Exist Command
kvs-idfy-ns KV Command Set specific identify-controller
kvs-list Execute a KV List Command
kvs-retrieve Execute a KV Retrieve Command
kvs-store Execute a KV Store Command
lblk No short description
lblk-dir-receive Directive receive for the given URI
lblk-dir-send Directive send for the given URI
lblk-enum Enumerate Logical Block Namespaces on the system
lblk-idfy Identify the namespace for the given URI
lblk-info Retrieve derived information for the given URI
lblk-read Read data and optionally metadata
lblk-write Writes data and optionally metadata
lblk-write-dir Writes directive specific data and optionally metadata
lblk-write-read-pi Writes and then read with protection information
lblk-write-uncor Mark a range of logical blocks as invalid
lblk-write-zeros Set a range of logical blocks to zero
xdd No short description
xdd-async Copy --data-nbytes from --data-input to --data--output
xdd-sync Copy --data-nbytes from --data-input to --data--output
xnvme No short description
xnvme-ctrlr-reset Resets the controller
xnvme-dsm Dataset Management
xnvme-enum Enumerate devices on the system
xnvme-fdp-ruhs Retrieve and print log
xnvme-fdp-ruhu Reclaim Unit Handle Update for a Placement Identifier
xnvme-feature-get Execute a Get Features Command
xnvme-feature-set Execute a Set-Features Command
xnvme-format Format a NVM namespace
xnvme-idfy Execute an User-defined Identify Command
xnvme-idfy-cs Identify the Command Sets supported by the controller
xnvme-idfy-ctrlr Identify the given Controller
xnvme-idfy-ns Identify the given Namespace
xnvme-info Retrieve derived information for given device
xnvme-library-info Produce information about the library
xnvme-list List devices on the system
xnvme-log Retrieve and print log
xnvme-log-erri Retrieve and print log
xnvme-log-fdp-config Retrieve and print log
xnvme-log-fdp-events Retrieve and print log
xnvme-log-fdp-stats Retrieve and print log
xnvme-log-health Retrieve and print log
xnvme-log-ruhu Retrieve and print log
xnvme-ns-rescan Rescans the nvme namespaces
xnvme-padc Pass a user-defined ADmin Command through
xnvme-pioc Pass a used-defined IO Command through
xnvme-sanitize Sanitize...
xnvme-set-fdp-events Enable or disable all events
xnvme-show-regs Show controller-registers
xnvme-subsystem-reset Resets the subsystem
xnvme_file No short description
xnvme_file-copy-async Copy file
xnvme_file-copy-sync Copy file --data-input to --data--output
xnvme_file-dump-async Write a buffer of 'data-nbytes' to file --data-output
xnvme_file-dump-async-iovec Write a buffer of 'data-nbytes' to file --data-output
xnvme_file-dump-sync Write a buffer of 'data-nbytes' to file
xnvme_file-dump-sync-iovec Write a buffer of 'data-nbytes' to file
xnvme_file-load-async Read the entire file into memory
xnvme_file-load-sync Read the entire file into memory
xnvme_file-write-read Write and read a file
zoned No short description
zoned-append Execute an Append Command
zoned-changes Retrieve the Changed Zone list
zoned-enum Enumerate Zoned Namespaces on the system
zoned-errors Retrieve the Error-Log
zoned-idfy-ctrlr Zoned Command Set specific identify-controller
zoned-idfy-ns Zoned Command Set specific identify-namespace
zoned-info Retrieve device info
zoned-mgmt Zone Management Send Command with custom action
zoned-mgmt-close Close a Zone
zoned-mgmt-finish Finish a Zone
zoned-mgmt-open Open a Zone
zoned-mgmt-reset Reset a Zone
zoned-read Execute a Read Command
zoned-report Retrieve Zone Information
zoned-write Execute a Write Command