Package xmpsolve

Qt GUI for mpsolve

MPSolve stands for Multiprecision Polynomial SOLVEr.  It aims to provide
an easy to use universal blackbox for solving polynomials and secular

Its features include:
- Arbitrary precision approximation.
- Guaranteed inclusion radii for the results.
- Exploiting of polynomial structures: it can take advantage of sparsity
  as well as coefficients in a particular domain (i.e. integers or
- It can be specialized for specific classes of polynomials.  As an
  example, the roots of the Mandelbrot polynomial of degree 2,097,151
  were computed in about 10 days on a dual Xeon server.

This package contains a Qt-based graphical interface to mpsolve.

Version: 3.2.1

General Commands

xmpsolve Graphical interface to MPSolve, a multiprecision polynomial rootfinder