Package xgridfit

Font hinting tool

Xgridfit is a high-level, XML-based language for gridfitting, or ‘hinting’,
fonts. The Xgridfit program compiles an XML source file into tables and
instructions that relate to the gridfitting of glyphs. Xgridfit does not
insert these elements into a font itself, but rather relies on FontForge, the
Open-Source font editor, to do so.

General Commands
Command Description
getinstrs extracts TrueType instructions for one or more glyphs from a font.
ttx2xgf extracts instructions from a TTX file and creates an Xgridfit program.
xgfconfig configuration program for Xgridfit
xgfmerge merges two Xgridfit program files
xgfupdate updates an Xgridfit program file to the latest version.
xgridfit a program for gridfitting, or "hinting," TrueType fonts