Package xfsprogs-devel

XFS filesystem-specific headers

xfsprogs-devel contains the header files needed to develop XFS
filesystem-specific programs.

You should install xfsprogs-devel if you want to develop XFS
filesystem-specific programs, If you install xfsprogs-devel, you'll
also want to install xfsprogs.

Version: 6.6.0

See also: xfsprogs, xfsprogs-xfs_scrub.

System Calls

ioctl_xfs_ag_geometry query XFS allocation group geometry information
ioctl_xfs_bulkstat query information for a batch of XFS inodes
ioctl_xfs_fsbulkstat query information for a batch of XFS inodes
ioctl_xfs_fscounts query XFS summary counter information
ioctl_xfs_fsgeometry report XFS filesystem layout and features
ioctl_xfs_fsgetxattr query information for an open file
ioctl_xfs_fsgetxattra alias for ioctl_xfs_fsgetxattr
ioctl_xfs_fsinumbers extract a list of valid inode numbers from an XFS filesystem
ioctl_xfs_fssetxattr alias for ioctl_xfs_fsgetxattr
ioctl_xfs_getbmap alias for ioctl_xfs_getbmapx
ioctl_xfs_getbmapa alias for ioctl_xfs_getbmapx
ioctl_xfs_getbmapx query extent information for an open file
ioctl_xfs_getresblks query and set XFS free space reservation information
ioctl_xfs_goingdown shut down an XFS filesystem
ioctl_xfs_inumbers query allocation information for groups of XFS inodes
ioctl_xfs_scrub_metadata check XFS filesystem metadata
ioctl_xfs_setresblks alias for ioctl_xfs_getresblks

Library Functions

attr_list_by_handle alias for path_to_handle
attr_multi_by_handle alias for path_to_handle
fd_to_handle alias for path_to_handle
free_handle alias for path_to_handle
fssetdm_by_handle alias for path_to_handle
getparentpaths_by_handle alias for path_to_handle
getparents_by_handle alias for path_to_handle
handle_to_fshandle alias for path_to_handle
open_by_handle alias for path_to_handle
path_to_fshandle alias for path_to_handle
path_to_handle file handle operations
readlink_by_handle alias for path_to_handle
xfsctl control XFS filesystems and individual files