Package xen-runtime

Core Xen runtime environment

This package contains the runtime programs and daemons which
form the core Xen userspace environment.

General Commands
Command Description
xenstore interact with Xenstore
xenstore-chmod set the permissions of a Xenstore key
xenstore-ls list Xenstore keys and values
xentop displays real-time information about a Xen system and domains
xentrace_format pretty-print Xen trace data
xl Xen management tool, based on LibXenlight
File Formats
File Description
xl.cfg xl domain configuration file syntax
xl.conf XL Global/Host Configuration
xlcpupool.cfg XL Cpupool Configuration File Syntax
xl-disk-configuration XL Disk Configuration Syntax
xl-network-configuration XL Network Configuration Syntax
Name Description
xen-pv-channel Xen PV Channels
xl-numa-placement Guest Automatic NUMA Placement in libxl and xl
System Administration
Command Description
xentrace capture Xen trace buffer data