Package xen-runtime

Core Xen runtime environment

This package contains the runtime programs and daemons which
form the core Xen userspace environment.

Version: 4.18.2

General Commands

xenhypfs Xen tool to access Xen hypervisor file system
xenstore interact with Xenstore
xenstore-chmod set the permissions of a Xenstore key
xenstore-ls list Xenstore keys and values
xenstore-read read Xenstore values
xenstore-write write Xenstore values
xentop displays real-time information about a Xen system and domains
xentrace_format pretty-print Xen trace data
xl Xen management tool, based on libxenlight

File Formats

xl-disk-configuration XL Disk Configuration Syntax
xl-network-configuration XL Network Configuration Syntax
xl-pci-configuration XL PCI Configuration Syntax
xl.cfg xl domain configuration file syntax
xl.conf XL Global/Host Configuration
xlcpupool.cfg XL Cpupool Configuration File Syntax


xen-pci-device-reservations Xen PCI device ID registry
xen-pv-channel Xen PV Channels
xen-tscmode Xen TSC (time stamp counter) and timekeeping discussion
xen-vtpm Xen virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) subsystem
xen-vtpmmgr Xen virtual TPM stubdomain
xl-numa-placement Guest Automatic NUMA Placement in libxl and xl

System Administration

xentrace capture Xen trace buffer data