Package “Xen” has 10 man pages.

A set of utilities for interacting with Xenstore.
Sets the permissions of the Xenstore KEY. PERM has the format LD, where L is a letter for the type of permission and D is the corresponding domain ID.
List keys, values and permissions of one or more Xenstore PATHs, using a nested, tree-like view.
xentop displays information about the Xen system and domains, in a continually-updating manner. Command-line options and interactive commands can change the...
xentrace_format parses trace data in xentrace binary format from standard input and reformats it according to the rules in a file of definitions (DEFS-FILE)...
The xl program is the new tool for managing Xen guest domains. The program can be used to create, pause, and shutdown domains. It can also be used to list...
To create a VM (a domain in Xen terminology, sometimes called a guest) with xl requires the provision of a domain config file. Typically these live in...
The xl.conf file allows configuration of hostwide "xl" toolstack options. For details of per-domain configuration options please see xl.cfg(5).
To create a Cpupool with xl requires the provision of a cpupool config file. Typically these live in `/etc/xen/CPUPOOL.cfg` where CPUPOOL is the name of the...
xentrace is used to capture trace buffer data from Xen.