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Package xdffileio-devel

Development files for xdffileio


The xdffileio-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use xdffileio.

Version: 0.3

Library Functions

xdf_add_channel Appends a channel to a XDF file
xdf_add_event Appends an event to the data file
xdf_add_evttype Adds a type of event
xdf_close Close a xDF file
xdf_closest_type Returns a compatible data type
xdf_copy_chconf Configure a channel according to a template
xdf_copy_conf Configure a xDF file according to a template
xdf_define_arrays Specify the number of input/output arrays
xdf_get_channel Get the channel descriptor handle of a particular index
xdf_get_chconf alias for xdf_set_chconf
xdf_get_conf alias for xdf_set_conf
xdf_get_event Get details of an event of a data file
xdf_get_evttype Get information about an event type
xdf_open Open a xDF file for reading or writing
xdf_prepare_transfer Setup the internals of the xDF file to be ready to receive or send data.
xdf_read Read samples from a xDF file
xdf_seek move the sample pointer of a xDF file
xdf_set_chconf set or get the configuration of a channel descriptor handle
xdf_set_conf set or get the configuration of xDF file
xdf_write Write samples to a xDF file