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Package xawtv

TV applications for video4linux compliant devices


Xawtv is a simple xaw-based TV program which uses the bttv driver or
video4linux. Xawtv contains various command-line utilities for
grabbing images and .avi movies, for tuning in to TV stations, etc.
Xawtv also includes a grabber driver for vic.

Version: 3.107

See also: xawtv-motv, xawtv-mtt.

General Commands

alevtd webserver for videotext pages
dump-mixers dump OSS mixer settings to standard output
fbtv a console program for watching TV
ntsc-cc closed caption decoder
pia play media files
propwatch a tool to monitor X11 properties
radio console radio application
record records *.wav files
rootv display TV using the Xvideo extension
scantv scan a v4l device for TV stations.
showriff show structure of RIFF files (wav, avi, ...)
streamer record audio and/or video
subtitles display subtitles within xawtv.
ttv display TV/video on a tty
v4l-info dump video4linux(2) device info to stdout
v4lctl alias for xawtv-remote
webcam capture images and upload them to a webserver using ftp
xawtv a X11 program for watching TV
xawtv-remote control video4linux devices

File Formats

xawtvrc TV apps config file

System Administration

v4l-conf configure a video4linux driver