Package xapian-core

The Xapian Probabilistic Information Retrieval Library

Xapian is an Open Source Probabilistic Information Retrieval Library. It
offers a highly adaptable toolkit that allows developers to easily add advanced
indexing and search facilities to applications

Version: 1.4.23

General Commands

copydatabase Perform a document-by-document copy of one or more Xapian databases
quest Xapian command line search tool
xapian-check Check the consistency of a database or table
xapian-compact Compact a database, or merge and compact several
xapian-config report information about the installed version of xapian
xapian-delve Inspect the contents of a Xapian database
xapian-metadata Read and write user metadata
xapian-pos Debug positional data in a Xapian database
xapian-progsrv Piped server for use with Xapian's remote backend
xapian-replicate Replicate a database from a master server to a local copy
xapian-replicate-server Service database replication requests from clients
xapian-tcpsrv TCP daemon for use with Xapian's remote backend