Package x2goserver

X2Go Server

X2Go is a server based computing environment with
    - session resuming
    - low bandwidth support
    - session brokerage support
    - client side mass storage mounting support
    - client side printing support
    - audio support
    - authentication by smartcard and USB stick

This package contains the main daemon and tools for X2Go server-side session


See also: x2goserver-common, x2goserver-desktopsharing, x2goserver-fmbindings, x2goserver-printing.

System Administration

x2gobasepath Detect Base Path of X2Go Server Installation
x2gocmdexitmessage Exit Message of X2Go Command
x2godbadmin X2Go Server Database Administrator
x2gofeature Query X2Go Feature Availability on X2Go Server
x2gofeaturelist Query X2Go Feature List for X2Go Server
x2gogetapps Generate list of Published Applications
x2gogetservers Retrieve list of available X2Go servers
x2golistdesktops List Available X Desktops
x2golistmounts List Mounted Shares for an X2Go Session
x2golistsessions List Available X2Go Sessions for User
x2golistsessions_root List X2Go Sessions for System
x2golistshadowsessions List Available X2Go Shadow Sessions for User
x2gomountdirs Share Client-Side Folder with X2Go Session
x2gopath Show X2Go Server installation paths
x2goresume-session Resume X2Go Session
x2goruncommand Launch Command inside an X2Go Session
x2goserver-run-extensions Run X2Go Server Extensions
x2gosessionlimit Detect Session Limit for User or Group
x2gosetkeyboard Allow server-side Keyboard Setting Updates issued by X2Go Client
x2goshowblocks Show X2Go-Mounted Block Devices
x2gostartagent Start a New X2Go Session
x2gosuspend-session Suspend an X2Go Session
x2goterminate-session Terminate an X2Go Session
x2goumount-session Unshare mounted Folders from X2Go Session
x2goversion Retrieve Code Versions of X2Go Server Components