X OSD Library

Package “X OSD Library” has 10 man pages.

xosd is a library for displaying an on-screen display (like the one on many TVs) on your X display. Each function should have it's own manpage. The latest...
xosd_get_number_lines will get the number of lines the xosd object was initialized to display.
xosd_hide hides (unmaps) the xosd window. Call xosd_show(3xosd) to make the window visible again. When xosd_display(3xosd) is called data will be shown until...
xosd_set_align changes the alignment of the XOSD window, which is left aligned by default.
xosd_set_horizontal_offset changes the number of pixels the XOSD window is indent from the left of the screen.
xosd_set_pos changes the position of the XOSD window, which was initially set when xosd_init(3xosd) was called.
To increase readability (and 'cos it looks cool) a black shadow is drawn beneath the main XOSD window. xosd_set_shadow_offset changes the size of this shadow by...
xosd_set_vertical_offset changes the number of pixels the XOSD window is offset from the top or bottom of the screen. This is normally set to a value such as 48...
Call xosd_show to redisplay the data that has been previously displayed using xosd_display(3xosd).
xosd_uninit destroys an existing xosd window, freeing the memory.