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Package writerperfect-abw

A collection of tools to transform various file formats into AbiWord


writerperfect is a collection of command-line tools to transform various document
formats into AbiWord format. Among supported input formats are:
* Apple Pages
* Corel WordPerfect
* Microsoft Works

Version: 0.9.6

See also: writerperfect, writerperfect-epub.

General Commands

abw2abw manual page for abw2abw 0.9.6
ebook2abw manual page for ebook2abw 0.9.6
mwaw2abw manual page for mwaw2abw 0.9.6
pages2abw manual page for pages2abw 0.9.6
sd2abw manual page for sd2abw 0.9.6
wpd2abw manual page for wpd2abw 0.9.6
wpft2abw manual page for wpft2abw 0.9.6
wps2abw manual page for wps2abw 0.9.6