Package wmmon

Nice system monitor for WindowMaker

WMMon monitors the realtime CPU load as well the average
system load and gives you some nice additional features too...

WMMon currently provides:

 * Realtime CPU 'stress' meter;
 * Average system load, like xload & wmavgload;
 * Average system load graph is auto-scaling;
 * Realtime Disk I/O 'stress' meter;
 * Average Disk I/O load graph (auto-scaling);
 * Realtime total Mem & Swap usage meters;
 * System uptime display;
 * Realtime cycling through all monitor modes;
 * Can launch 3 user definable commands through ~/.wmmonrc;
 * Can be started multiple times;
 * Commandline options for help (-h), version (-v),
   start mode (-i & -s) and display (-d);
General Commands
Command Description
wmmon Window Maker dockapp for monitoring system information