Package wireshark-cli

Network traffic analyzer

This package contains command-line utilities, plugins, and documentation for

See also: wireshark.

General Commands
Command Description
androiddump Provide interfaces to capture from Android devices
capinfos Prints information about capture files
captype Prints the types of capture files
ciscodump Provide interfaces to capture from a remote Cisco router through SSH.
dftest Shows display filter byte-code, for debugging dfilter routines.
dpauxmon Provide interfaces to capture DisplayPort AUX channel data.
dumpcap Dump network traffic
editcap Edit and/or translate the format of capture files
mergecap Merges two or more capture files into one
mmdbresolve Read IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and print their IP geolocation information.
randpkt Random packet generator
randpktdump Provide an interface to generate random captures using randpkt
rawshark Dump and analyze raw pcap data
reordercap Reorder input file by timestamp into output file
sdjournal Provide an interface to capture systemd journal entries.
sshdump Provide interfaces to capture from a remote host through SSH using a remote...
text2pcap Generate a capture file from an ASCII hexdump of packets
tshark Dump and analyze network traffic
udpdump Provide an UDP receiver that gets packets from network devices (like Aruba...
Special Files
Special File Description
extcap The extcap interface
wireshark-filter Wireshark filter syntax and reference