Package winswitch

Utility for controlling remote desktop sessions

Application to start and control remote GUI sessions via xpra, NX,
VNC, RDP or plain ssh X11 forwarding. Winswitch can start, suspend,
resume and send supported sessions to other clients.

General Commands
Command Description
wcw alias for winswitch_command_wrapper
winswitch_applet Window Switch applet
winswitch_away Window Switch user-is-away message
winswitch_back Window Switch user-is-back message
winswitch_client Window Switch applet
winswitch_command_wrapper Window Switch Command Wrapper
winswitch_launcher Window Switch session launcher
winswitch_open_remotely Window Switch helper to open files on a remote server
winswitch_server Window Switch server
winswitch_ssh_Xnest Window Switch SSH Xnest Session Helper
winswitch_ssh_session Window Switch SSH Session Helper
winswitch_stdio_socket Window Switch Unix Domain Socket Helper
winswitch_stdio_tcp Window Switch TCP Socket Helper