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Package wimlib-utils

Tools for creating, modifying, extracting, and mounting WIM files


This package provides tools for creating, modifying, extracting, and mounting
files in the Windows Imaging Format (WIM files).

Version: 1.14.4

General Commands

mkwinpeimg Make a customized bootable image of Windows PE
wimappend alias for wimcapture
wimapply Apply a WIM image
wimcapture Capture or append a WIM image
wimdelete Delete an image from a WIM archive
wimdir List the files contained in a WIM image
wimexport Export image(s) from a WIM archive
wimextract Extract files from a WIM image
wiminfo Display or change information about a WIM file or image
wimjoin wimjoin- Join a split WIM into a standalone WIM
wimlib-imagex Extract, create, modify, or mount a WIM archive
wimlib-imagex-apply alias for wimapply
wimlib-imagex-capture alias for wimcapture
wimlib-imagex-delete alias for wimdelete
wimlib-imagex-dir alias for wimdir
wimlib-imagex-export alias for wimexport
wimlib-imagex-extract alias for wimextract
wimlib-imagex-info alias for wiminfo
wimlib-imagex-join alias for wimjoin
wimlib-imagex-mount alias for wimmount
wimlib-imagex-optimize alias for wimoptimize
wimlib-imagex-split alias for wimsplit
wimlib-imagex-update alias for wimupdate
wimlib-imagex-verify alias for wimverify
wimmount Mount or unmount a WIM image
wimmountrw alias for wimmount
wimoptimize Optimize a WIM archive
wimsplit Split a WIM archive into multiple parts
wimunmount alias for wimmount
wimupdate Update a WIM image
wimverify Verify a WIM archive