Package wimlib-utils

Tools for creating, modifying, extracting, and mounting WIM files

This package provides tools for creating, modifying, extracting, and mounting
files in the Windows Imaging Format (WIM files).

General Commands
Command Description
mkwinpeimg Make a customized bootable image of Windows PE
wimappend alias for wimcapture
wimapply Apply a WIM image
wimcapture Capture or append a WIM image
wimdelete Delete an image from a WIM archive
wimdir List the files contained in a WIM image
wimexport Export image(s) from a WIM archive
wimextract Extract files from a WIM image
wiminfo Display or change information about a WIM file or image
wimjoin wimjoin- Join a split WIM into a standalone WIM
wimlib-imagex Extract, create, modify, or mount a WIM archive
wimlib-imagex-apply alias for wimapply
wimlib-imagex-capture alias for wimcapture
wimlib-imagex-delete alias for wimdelete
wimlib-imagex-dir alias for wimdir
wimlib-imagex-export alias for wimexport
wimlib-imagex-extract alias for wimextract
wimlib-imagex-info alias for wiminfo
wimlib-imagex-join alias for wimjoin
wimlib-imagex-mount alias for wimmount
wimlib-imagex-optimize alias for wimoptimize
wimlib-imagex-split alias for wimsplit
wimlib-imagex-update alias for wimupdate
wimlib-imagex-verify alias for wimverify
wimmount Mount or unmount a WIM image
wimmountrw alias for wimmount
wimoptimize Optimize a WIM archive
wimsplit Split a WIM archive into multiple parts
wimunmount alias for wimmount
wimupdate Update a WIM image
wimverify Verify a WIM archive