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Package wget2-devel

Libraries and header files needed for using wget2 libraries


Development libraries and headers needed for building applications to
use functionality from GNU Wget2.

Version: 2.1.0

See also: wget2.

Library Functions

libwget-base64 Base64 functions
libwget-bitmap Bitmap management functions
libwget-console Console functions
libwget-dns DNS resolver functions
libwget-dns-caching DNS caching
libwget-error Error functions
libwget-hash Hash convenience functions
libwget-hashmap Hashmap functions
libwget-io I/O helper routines
libwget-ip IP address functions
libwget-list Circular doubly linked list
libwget-mem Memory functions
libwget-net TCP sockets
libwget-parse_atom Atom URL extraction routines
libwget-parse_sitemap Sitemap URL extraction routines
libwget-printf Libwget printf functions
libwget-random Random functions
libwget-robots Robots Exclusion file parser
libwget-stringmap Stringmap functions
libwget-thread Implementation of multi-threading basic functionality
libwget-utils General utility functions
libwget-vector Vector functions
libwget-xalloc Memory allocation functions
libwget-xml XML parsing functions