Package wfmath-devel

Development files for wfmath

Libraries and header files for developing applications that use wfmath.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
WFMath Generic library namespace.
WFMath_AxisBox A dim dimensional axis-aligned box.
WFMath_Ball A dim dimensional ball.
WFMath_ColinearVectors An error thrown by certain functions when passed parallel vectors.
WFMath_Line A dim dimensional line.
WFMath_ParseError An error thrown by operator>>() when it fails to parse wfmath types.
WFMath_Point A dim dimensional point.
WFMath_Polygon A polygon, all of whose points lie in a plane, embedded in dim dimensions.
WFMath_Polygon_2 The 2D specialization of the Polygon<> template.
WFMath_Quaternion A normalized quaterion.
WFMath_RotBox A dim dimensional box, lying at an arbitrary angle.
WFMath_RotMatrix A dim dimensional rotation matrix. Technically, a member of the group O(dim).
WFMath_Segment A line segment embedded in dim dimensions.
WFMath_Shape A fake class which documents the generic parts of the WFMath interface.
WFMath_TimeDiff The difference between two timestamps.
WFMath_TimeStamp A time stamp.
WFMath_Vector A dim dimensional vector.
WFMath_ZeroPrimitive Utility class for providing zero primitives. This class will only work with...