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Package weldr-client

Command line utility to control osbuild-composer


Version: 35.13

General Commands

composer-cli composer commandline tool
composer-cli-blueprints Manage blueprints
composer-cli-blueprints-changes Show the changes to the blueprints
composer-cli-blueprints-delete Delete the blueprint from the server
composer-cli-blueprints-depsolve Depsolve the blueprints and output the package lists
composer-cli-blueprints-diff list the differences between two blueprint commits
composer-cli-blueprints-freeze Show the blueprints depsolved package and module versions
composer-cli-blueprints-freeze-save Save the frozen blueprints to a TOML file
composer-cli-blueprints-freeze-show Show the complete frozen blueprints TOML format
composer-cli-blueprints-list List all of the blueprint names
composer-cli-blueprints-push Push the TOML blueprint file to the server
composer-cli-blueprints-save Save the blueprints to TOML files
composer-cli-blueprints-show Show the blueprints in TOML format
composer-cli-blueprints-tag Tag the most recent blueprint change as a release
composer-cli-blueprints-undo Undo a blueprint change
composer-cli-blueprints-workspace Push the TOML blueprint to the workspace
composer-cli-completion Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
composer-cli-completion-bash Generate the autocompletion script for bash
composer-cli-completion-fish Generate the autocompletion script for fish
composer-cli-completion-powershell Generate the autocompletion script for powershell
composer-cli-completion-zsh Generate the autocompletion script for zsh
composer-cli-compose Manage composes
composer-cli-compose-cancel Cancel one compose
composer-cli-compose-delete Delete one or more composes
composer-cli-compose-image Get the compose image file
composer-cli-compose-info Show detailed information on the compose
composer-cli-compose-list List basic information about composes
composer-cli-compose-log Get the log for a running compose
composer-cli-compose-logs Get a tar of the the logs for the compose
composer-cli-compose-metadata Get a tar of the the metadata for the compose
composer-cli-compose-results Get a tar of the the results for the compose
composer-cli-compose-start Start a compose using the selected blueprint and output type
composer-cli-compose-start-ostree Start an ostree compose using the selected blueprint and output type
composer-cli-compose-status List the detailed status of all composes
composer-cli-compose-types List the available compose types
composer-cli-compose-wait Wait for a compose to finish
composer-cli-distros Manage distributions
composer-cli-distros-list List the available distributions
composer-cli-doc Generate manpage files
composer-cli-modules Module related commands
composer-cli-modules-info Show detailed info about the listed modules
composer-cli-modules-list List all, or search for, available modules
composer-cli-projects Project related commands
composer-cli-projects-depsolve Show the dependencies of all of the listed projects
composer-cli-projects-info Show detailed info about the listed projects
composer-cli-projects-list List available projects
composer-cli-sources Manage sources
composer-cli-sources-add Add a project source to the server
composer-cli-sources-change Change a project source
composer-cli-sources-delete Delete the project source
composer-cli-sources-info Show details about the source
composer-cli-sources-list List the available project sources
composer-cli-status API server status
composer-cli-status-show Show API server status
composer-cli-version Display the version and exit